CyberPatriot is a team that any person who is interested in computers would enjoy. They focus on cyber security, networking, and computer forensics. Each practice is Friday evening where they learn about how to secure a system, defend from hackers, and practice the techniques that they learn from their mentor, Gavin. They compete in the national CyberPatriot competition and the SoCal Cyber Cup.


 Cyber Patriot Team 2015-2016

Commander: c/ 2Lt Roland Salvador
Sergeant: Carl Matabang

Members: (soon To be Updated)

  • Giemer Lozares
  • Jeremiah Lima
  • Peter Kottis
  • Mihntam Nguyen
  • Evelyn Le
  • Jennifer Bui
  • Micky Ly
  • Gabrielle Hermogino
  • Taylor Tran
  • Carl Matabang
  • Hana Laskaris
  • John Caaway
  • Sidney Castaniaga
  • Francis Doctolero
  • Mathew Mitchel
  • Aimee Hermogino
  • Daniel Verdadero
  • Siddhi Patel
  • Jolyne Doung
  • Christian Ebuen
  • Jhoven Fernandez
  • Luis Pina
  • Neil Gopez
  • Josh Gustilo
  • Angel Lugo
  • Dallas Tate