Unarmed Fancy Drill Team


unarmed is a team who use a combination of slaps and stomps to create beats and moves. they compete in competitions all throughout the year, practicing from September to April. for now, it is a sisterhood amongst the members, where we bond and take care of each other.

2015 Chapparal Competition

2016 Orange Glen Competition

2015-2016 Unarmed Fancy Drill Team

unarmedTop: Christine Tumbaga, Caroline Kong, Samantha Fetalvero, Angela Panal, Juliana Nguyen, Michelle Herrera, Jamie Chu, Aimee Hermogino, Kayla Alpuerto
Middle: Victoria Perrie, Gabrielle Hermogino, Katelyn Juico, Frank Timbol, Courtney Taylor, Melanie Medina, Christine Alquizar, Kylaya Oun
Bottom:Marie Kris Pascual, Isabella Akana, Siddhi Patel