Color Guard


Color Guard differs from other teams as they do not require try-outs to join. While they do participate in competitions, they are also responsible for presenting the colors around the San Diego county, ranging from the school’s football games to military ceremonies.

2015 Chapparal Competition

2016 Orange Glen Competition

2015-2016 Color Guard Team

color guard teamTop: Joshua Gustilo, John Caaway, Luke Masado, Anabella Noguera, Gabriel Baun, Keana Nonog, Shawn Gomos, Gysselle Medina, Luis Pina, Jhoven Fernandez
Mid: Daniel Saucedo, Mathew Mitchell, Renzel Salupen, Melina Diaz, Mia Morse, Xavier Gilford
Bottom: Alize Davis, Jacqueline Nguyen, Bella Genoso, Joshua Custodio, Sophia Ariston, Sophia Bernabe, Trisha Olaires