In ROTC, we highly encourage cadets to take priority in their education. Every Tuesday and Thursday, cadets have academics, where they spend the class period with the ASIs who teach them the corps values as well as life lessons and skills. Many resources and references can be found in this page for the cadets during the academic year. For scholarship opportunities, please refer to this page.

Cadet Guide
The Cadet Guide inludes all information a cadet should know. It consists of the corps values and symbols, further details of the chain of command and functions, and much more.

Essay Rubric
Cadets in MSgt. Cagadas’s academics should download this essay rubric for a clear understanding of what’s expected in their written work. – National suicide prevention lifeline. Call toll free for help or chat online. 1 (800) 273-TALK – From the American Psychological Association, includes suicide signals, some statistics, suggestions for what can be done, and other sources of information. – Good article because not only lists what to look for, this article explains each of the “signs” of suicide. Also includes some statistics and recommendations for what you can do if someone mentions suicide. – Warning signs for teen suicide. – Includes warning signs, strategies, and sources of help for Mental and Emotional Health – Teen Depression Conditions and Treatment – From the National Institute of Mental Health, lists FAQs and answers. Addresses topics such as:

  • the most common methods of suicide
  • the success of school-based programs
  • suicide risks of African Americans and the gay/lesbian population
  • the link between depression and suicide
  • the link between suicide and alcohol/drug abuse
  • the warning signs of suicide


Emotional And Mental Health Care