The Flag Ceremony

The Flag Ceremony is a monthly event at the end of each school month. The Flag Ceremony is among the few events where the whole corps gathers. The event consists of the formations of all the Flights, the Color Guard Flag Detail, and announcements. After those sections, the Month’s Guest is awarded and the Flight Of the Month, Officer Of the Month, Enlisted Of Month, and Cadet Of the Month are announced. At the End of each semester, the corresponding Flag Ceremony will also hold the announcements for Flight of the Semester, Officer of the Semester, Enlisted of the Semester, and Cadet of the Semester.


Cadet of the Month

C/Airman Ong, Christopher

Enlisted of the Month

C/Senior MSgt. Mitchell, Matthew

Officer of the Month

C/2nd Lt. Davis, Alize

Flight of the Month

Echo Flight