Chain of Command

The Chain of Command is a list of all the positions that are in the Wing. It is meant to mimic positions in the Air Force; but there are some differences. It is suggested that if you inquire about anything, you should move up the Chain of Command, until someone can give you an answer. For example, if you have a question about flights, you should ask your Flight Sergeant, then your Flight Chief, followed by your Flight Commander, and lastly your A1 before consulting the SASI or ASI.


Wing Commander: C/Lt. Col. Hermogino, Aimee

Special Projects: C/2nd Lt. Ong, Krystal


Executive Officer
C/Lt. Maj. Huang, Juliana


Vice Wing Commander
C/Lt. Col. Akana, Isabella

Academic Team CC

C/2nd Lt. Ngyuen, Stephanie

CyberPatriot Team CC
C/2nd Lt. Salvador, Roland

C/2nd Lt. Sisouphanthong, Erica

A1: Manpower and Personnel
C/Lt. Col. Caaway,

Alpha Flight CC

C/2nd Lt. Ly, Micky

Bravo Flight CC

C/2nd Lt. Panal, Angela

Charlie Flight CC

C/2nd Lt. Andrada, Adelene

Delta Flight CC

C/2nd Lt. Noguera, Annabella

Echo Flight CC
C/2nd Lt. Thongrivong, Andrew

Foxtrot CC
C/2nd Lt. Eusantos, Adrian

Golf Flight CC

C/2nd Lt. Pascual, Kris

Hotel Flight CC

C/2nd Lt. Duong, Jolyne

India Flight CC

C/Capt. Timbol, Frank

Awards and Info OIC

C/ Capt. Ilustrisimo, Liza


A3: Operations
C/Lt. Col. Tumbaga, Christine

C/2nd Lt. Verdadero, Daniell


C/2nd Lt. Patel, Siddhi

Sabre Team CC

C/2nd Lt. Songco, Russell

Color Guard Team CC

C/2nd Lt. Salupen, Renzel

A4: Logistics

C/Lt. Col. Sutherland, Shon

Armory OIC

C/2nd Lt. Ramirez, Ryan

Supply OIC

C/2nd Lt. Chu, Jamie

Operations Support OIC

C/2nd Lt. Sarmiento, Shae-Ann

A5: Plans and Requirements

C/Lt. Col. Evangelista, Shyla

Admin OIC

C/1st Lt. Juico, Katelyn

Fundraising OIC

C/1st Lt. Timbol, Cheyenne

Finance OIC
C/1st Lt. Nguyen, Vivi

A7: Installations and Missions Support

C/Lt. Col. Nguyen, Minhtam

IT and Facilities OIC: C/1st Lt. Panaguiton, Tatiana Public Relations OIC:
C/1st Lt. Dong, Trish
Webmaster OIC
C/ major. Fernandez, Jhoven

A9: Wellness, Assessments, and Analysis

C/Lt. Col. Baun, Gabe

Kitty Hawk CC
C/1st Lt. Mai, Steven

Wellness OIC

C/1st Lt. Castaniaga, Sidney


C/1st Lt. hattori, Joesph