About the Corps


Mira Mesa High School’s Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) is an organization for students interested in building self-discipline, obtaining leadership skills, learning life skills, and more. Aspects of the corps consist of drill teams, job positions similar to the ones in the Air Force, and annual social events such as Cadet Picnic, Street Fair and the Cadet Ball. This organization provides great opportunities to meet diverse individuals and build friendships while having fun in the process.

Contrary to most extracurricular programs, students are the ones in charge of running the program. Our Senior Staff (see Chain of Command) decides which fundraisers to do, organizes all events and competitions, and manages the teams. We have team commanders that choreograph original routines for teams to perform at events and competitions and flight commanders who teach drill movements to a class of 30-40 cadets (a flight). Students learn to become independent, to take the initiative and to stand out through their own personal experiences. Students learn important life skills (how to communicate, impromptu/extemporaneous speeches, decision making, money management, etc.). Joining AFJROTC comes with many benefits: every week each flight goes outside to drill to build self discipline, two days of each week is dedicated to academics which is a class taught by the Aerospace Science Instructors (ASI’S), and another day spent at PE. In PE, all cadets suit up and go to the field where they stretch, run, and play sports. As of the 2015-2016 school year, ROTC does not count as PE credit, and those who have not completed their PE credit must attend 7th period RO.

There are also many opportunities for community service throughout the year. Street Fair is the biggest community service event that nearly all cadets attend. We also have campus clean ups and perform odd jobs for other teachers and organizations. Cadets often develop strong bonds and deep ties with each other, especially those on teams.

If a cadet is having trouble with their academic grades, they can go to Kitty Hawk Air Society for tutoring. Likewise, cadets can also become a tutor to help students understand their classes. The requirement is that the student has to be in the JROTC program, has to have a minimum GPA of 3.5, and must come in at least once a week during lunch or after school.

Our drill teams and special teams are exclusively for cadets. Cadets must attend tryouts just like any other sport/team on campus.

There are also Special Teams (Awareness Presentation Team, Cyber Patriot Team, Academic Team, Youth Physical Fitness Team, and the newly-formed Rocket Team) that are also exclusively for cadets. There are no tryouts for these teams and they meet one or two times within the school week after school.

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